Kamp Canine
Superior Dog Boarding
About Kamp
Kamp Canine has 15 individual doggie cabins. The camp is surrounded by a small farm where your best friend can enjoy long walks through trails and hay fields. This quiet, secluded location makes the perfect hideaway for your best friend.

Eight, luxury cabins are complete with their private outdoor runs that are protected from sun and rain with a cabin porch roof. These are larger cabins 30 square feet in size that can easily accommodate two smaller dogs. All fifteen cabins have access to a 3 fenced off larger common run for outdoor exercise or relaxation.

In addition, all dogs go for multiple daily walks & runs (off leash or on) in the open fields

Kamp has a bathing room and a lots of supplies - blankets, beds, toys, leads - so you can be assured your friend does not go to Kamp forgetting anything.

And we have a private room which often is home to visiting cats, or groups of Grey Hounds or ‘extra large’ friends, or just that canine friend that needs a little extra “private time”.

Preparing for Kamp

And be sure that your Kamper has seen his/her vet recently and is up to date on vaccinations.

Kennel Cough vaccination in particular is important protection when your canine friend socializes with others.

Feel free to make an appointment to visit anytime  You can contact our Kamp Director at info@kampcanine.ca or call us at (888) 671-2801. 

For Canine friends that have never been away from home before, you may want to visit Kamp prior to his or her stay.

When your friend visits Kamp, we make sure that all Kampers are introduced to each other one at a time.

In addition to collecting information about Kampers emergency contacts and home address, in order to make the best Kamp experience, our Kamp Director will want to know information such as how well he or she gets along with others, medical or health conditions, food requirements, play and nap needs.

Be sure to send your best friend to Kamp fully prepared. Familiar belongings such as special toys or blankets will help prevent ‘home sickness’. Doggies do tend to share their belongings though so please do not send anything of special value.